DLI APEX-Series 800 FS-DC

An ideal substitute for 1000W HPS lighting

DLI APEX-Series 800 FS-DC represents an exceptional alternative for 1000W HPS lighting. The introduction of this groundbreaking 1000W HPS substitute promises higher luminosity while consuming less energy. Thanks to its impeccable light dispersion, the DLI APEX-Series 800 FS-DC emerges as a versatile luminaire suitable for replacing existing 1000W HPS fixtures due to its outstanding light distribution.


The fixture boasts a broad light spectrum, making it an ideal choice for growing crops in environments with limited or no direct sunlight. DLI, known for its commitment to top-quality technology, employs the latest OSRAM LED technology to ensure the consistent delivery of the essential light color spectrum with optimal efficiency. An innovative optical lens design further enhances light uniformity across varying heights. With dimming capabilities ranging from 30% to 100%, this fixture offers flexibility in adjusting illumination intensity. Additionally, its compact design streamlines maintenance, installation, and cleaning processes.

DLI APEX-Series 800 FS-DC’s unique cooling mechanism leverages the Venturi effect, guaranteeing superior cooling performance for LEDs, resulting in enhanced reliability and a prolonged lifespan. Furthermore, this fixture seamlessly integrates with the complete DLI product lineup, communicating seamlessly with the DLI controller, facilitating easy upgrades and expansions for existing setups.

Light Distribution

Full Spectrum