DLI CRI-Series UV 150W DE

Pioneering the Future of Horticulture!

DLI CRI-Series UV 150W DE represents a pioneering addition to the world of horticulture. Designed for use alongside HPS and/or LED lighting, this fixture seamlessly complements standard grow light setups. Its wide UV-resistant reflector enhances its adaptability to various configurations. To optimize plant growth, UV lights are recommended to be operational for at least 2 to 4 hours daily during the lighting cycle. Exclusive to DLI, the “Solar Noon®” lamp sets this fixture apart, marking DLI as the sole grow light manufacturer capable of faithfully replicating all the UV-A and UV-B benefits of natural outdoor sunlight within an indoor setting.

Plants respond positively to UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C spectrums, using dedicated photoreceptors to perceive and adapt to their environment while regulating internal processes. Exposure to UV light in the right dosage results in healthier, more resilient plants. This UV stimulation leads to increased leaf and cell wall thickness, making plants less susceptible to pests and mold. This distinctive feature of UV light reduces the reliance on insecticides and fungicides, while aiding in the breakdown of surface residues.

Light Distribution

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