Base Nutrients


This essential component is the base plant food, providing copious amounts of Nitrogen, Calcium, and complementary elemental traces.

As the core of the New Millennium Fertilizer System™, Equinox is concentrated and refined to yield a product that is workable in most types of systems and low in residual salts. Note: SEASONS (PART B’S) ARE MEANT TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH EQUINOX (PART A) IN A 1:3 RATIO!


  • Consider this PART A and the one constant that will always be part of the plant growing cycle.
  • Recommended to be used in conjunction with the seasons (PART B – i.e. Spring, Summer, or Autumn.) in a 1:3 ratio. Example: 1 tsp per GAL of Equinox with 3 tsp per GAL of Summer.
  • Calcium and Magnesium supplement.


1 Quart (940mL) – $19.70
1 Gallon (3.8L) – $56.60
2.5 Gallon (9.5L) – $110.74
5 Gallon (19L) – $196.88
15 Gallon (56.8L) – $588.50