Growing Media

Terra Premium

Substrate | Fertilized

Growing on airy and pre-fertilized soil

Terra Premium gives the roots an ideal ratio of air and water. The soil has a unique sponge like porosity and moisture retention. This is found in its unique and specialized composition of high quality Irish and Baltic white peat. The pre-fertilized peat from Plagron will ensure a stress free transition from start to finish. Terra Premium has been mineral fertilized with multimix fertilizer (12-14-24) for the first three weeks of use. Grow your plant today in Terra Premium for world class growth. For the best results, use Terra Premium with Plagron Terra Grow, Terra Bloom from the TERRA line and the additives from Plagron.


Why use Terra Premium

  • Mineral fertilized for the first three weeks of use.
  • Specialized composition of high quality white peat.
  • Ideal ratio of air and water for the roots.


How to use Terra Premium

Plagron Terra Premium is a ready to use growing medium for potting and repotting all flowering plants. Start with fertilizing after the third week.

Available in 50Ltr

NPK: 5.6-6.8
EC: 1.2-1.4 mS/cm

MSRP: 50 liter bag $23.00